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POSH Act mandates regular awareness trainings to all sectors and establishments where employees are part of its activities.

Yes. Law doesn’t insist that the Trainer should be a lawyer.

You can (a) do the periodical awareness program for the all Government/Non-Government sectors for their employees, (b) become a ‘Expert Person’; (c) advise on POSH matters.

Yes. You will get a ‘completion certificate’ once you complete the workshop, successfully.

Yes. You will get a ‘completion certificate’ once you complete the workshop, successfully.

It is not issued for a specific time period.

Yes, After Training, there will be TEST for Trainers.

Yes. Wherever the 10 or more employees are working where POSH applies mandatorily.

You can work with us in our current project and start training immediately to different schools near your area. We will share the tips in the workshop. You can use Our Certificate and reference.

Upon completion of the workshop, you will become the member of COL’s ‘POSH Trainer Group’. We update the trainers regularly

Yes, You can start working with us immediately as POSH Freelance Trainer , once you receive TTT Certificate from us.

COL’s presentations (PPTs), soft copy of the POSH Act & Rules, relevant notifications.

Four types of trainings. Will explain the types and contents in the workshop.

No. We always conduct free training program to different Industry and sectors at pan India. We always pay training fee our certified trainer for the training program conduct by them.

Yes. Immediately after completion of TTT program and certification.

We are the only NGO in India that provides POSH ACT Training & Working opportunities to our certified trainers.

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