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POSH ACT,2013 Train the Trainer Certificate Program

We are the only NGO in India that provides POSH ACT Training & Working opportunities to our certified trainers.

  • In our Elearning POSH ACT Recognition Programme for the POSH system, you will learn a compassionate strategy for addressing sexual harassment issues and situations of workplace misbehaviour.

  • Learning about the principles of security and prevention of unwanted workplace behaviour, as well as the various duties involved in establishing a safe space for everybody.


# Make an enjoyable profession in the field of facilitation and training.

# Successfully implement adult learning laws in training.

# Professionally and effectively deal with and train trainees with different learning and personality styles.

# Make an advantageous impact on individuals and organizations.

# In many different conditions, carry on the role of a suitable trainer.

# Manage interpersonal relationships in training and workplace environments.

# Recognize the significance of controlling every stage of the team's behaviour.

Added value

# Decrease the number of incidents while creating an ethical workplace

# Encourage companies to meet their legal responsibilities

# Encourage cooperation among workers while boosting overall work quality.

# Reference Real-Life Experiences and Conduct Frequent Seminars to Support Individuals in Learn The consequences Of Conduct violations

# Learn To Identify And Resolve Workplace Harassment Concerns

# Become a More Empathetic and Responsible Training Professional

Who Can Join?

# MBA Students or Graduates

# Corporate Trainers, Freelance Trainers, Teachers, Professors, etc.

# HR Professionals With Varying Levels Of Experience And Across Niches

# Non-HR Personnel In Top Administration And Management Roles

# Business Leaders And Startup Owners

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Develop your Knowledge as certified POSH ACT Trainer Raising Constitutional Awareness in the Community with us

Our POSH ACT,2013 training is intended for individual trainers so that they may be taught as champions and continue the process of raising awareness among all employees in any organisation. To prevent sexual harassment, employees must be educated on what constitutes harassment and how to avoid it.

Successful Learning
90 %
Make an advantageous impact
82 %
Decrease the number of incidents
80 %

We are the only NGO in India that provides POSH ACT Training & Working opportunities to our certified trainers.

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